25 Ways to Get Happy Right Now

25 Ways to Get Happy Right Now

1. When you have the time, choose to make phone calls instead of texting. Few things more rewarding than positive interactions with friends and family!

2. Take a nap. A well-rested mind and body can achieve great things.

3. Meditate. Do this every day.

4. Make a loved one laugh or smile; it's a sure way to brighten your day! Offer love and kindness freely to those near and dear to your heart.

5. Listen to uplifting music.

6. Find a cause that is in alignment with your beliefs and volunteer your time. Do your part to make the world a better place. It feels good to do something nice for somebody else.

7. Surround yourself in nature. It’s extremely grounding and nourishing for the soul.

8. Smile. It’s way more fun than frowning.

9. Get dressed up. Looking good on the outside can help build your confidence.

10. Turn off your phone and take a bath.

11. Take time to catch up with old friends! It is much more rewarding than watching television.

12. Cuddle up with a good book.

13. Take your dog for a walk, play with your cat or just spend time enjoying your pets. Pets are extremely therapeutic.

14. Exercise today even if you only have 10 minutes of free time.

15. Find the beauty in something unattractive. Spend a few minutes meditate on the newfound beauty.

16. Pack a picnic and enjoy eating outdoors.

17. Watch a funny movie.

18. Turn off your phone and spend an uninterrupted evening with friends or family. Find something fun to do, such as making a meal, going out to eat, or playing board games.

19. Celebrate other people’s successes. Be a cheerleader for those closest to you.

20. Find five ways to cut down on your expenses. Use the extra money to start a savings account for a dream vacation or a major purchase.

21. Plant a tree. Mother Nature will thank you.

22. Create a piece of art. Whether you are writing, painting, photographing or sculpting, allow your inner artist a creative outlet.

23. Do something nice for a child today. Making a child smile will make you smile.

24. Find one thing you love about your body and focus on that instead of focusing on things you wish to change.

25. Enjoy the small things in life. Something as simple as a walk or cuddling can do wonders for your soul.