Books We Love: The Kissing Hand

Title: The Kissing Hand

Author: Audrey Penn

Illustrator: Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak

Reading level: 3+

Publisher: Tanglewood Press

Chester the Raccoon is starting school, but is nervous and afraid. He doesn’t want to go. Mrs. Raccoon, with her caring nature, knows just what to do to give her son comfort and courage. She places a gentle kiss on the palm of his hand. Whenever he feels scared or lonely, the Kissing Hand reminds him of his mother’s love and gives him a sense of courage to take on the new challenge.

Things to Love:

  • The relationship between Chester and his mother is beautiful. The heartwarming story is something that parents will enjoy sharing with their children.
  • Even though this book is about starting school, it can be used to help prepare children for any new situation.
  • The illustrations are beautiful, warm and play an essential role in this story.
The Kissing Hand
By Audrey Penn